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Announcing GoReleaser v1.10 — the summer release

Fun fact: it is actually winter now here in Brazil. Regardless, this release is packed with new features, quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes!

GoReleaser Screenshot


  • GoReleaser Pro can now skip global after hooks with -skip-after;
  • GoReleaser Pro can now split the release process into "prepare", "publish" and "announce". Check out goreleaser release --help,goreleaser publish --help and goreleaser announce --help for more details;
  • The entire GoReleaser output is now using caarlos0/log, which is a more-or-less drop-in apex/log replacement. It uses Charm's technology for its implementation and has a slightly different proposal and feature set;
  • New -skip-docker and -skip-before flags added;
  • goreleaser build now allows repeatable -id filters;
  • The build process now uses 1 parallelism permit for each binary being built, regardless of how many build configurations you have;
  • GoReleaser can now load a config file from STDIN (using -config -);
  • Builds can now override env in for a given target;
  • release.repo.owner and can now be templated;
  • Changelog grouping is now processed in the order they are declared and rendered in the order of their order field;
  • GoReleaser now logs the duration of "slow" pipes;
  • The deprecated nfpms.empty_folders is now removed;
  • The deprecated handling of Windows ARM64 builds on Go versions older than 1.17 is now removed;
  • As of every release, a good amount of bug fixing;
  • And a bunch of documentation improvements.

Other news

  • GoReleaser now has ~10.3k stars and 285 contributors! Thanks, everyone!
  • Our Discord server is getting new members almost daily. Join and chat with us!
  • Check out a preview of the split release phases feature: