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Announcing GoReleaser v1.24 - the first of 2024

Happy new year! The first release of 2024 is here!


  • security: goreleaser would log environment variables in some configurations when run with --verbose. Note that we only recommend using the --verbose flag locally, to debug possible issues. CVE-2024-23840
  • new: create DMG images (with hdutil/mkisofs) (only on Pro)
  • new: create MSI installers (with wix/msitools) (only on Pro)
  • git: options to ignore tag prefixes (only on Pro)
  • blog: we fully migrated our blog from Medium to mkdocs
  • blob: ACLs, cache control, and content disposition
  • nfpm: add libraries to packages
  • artifactory: allow to publish source archives
  • brew: improve handling of single OS
  • nix: improved generated derivations, use stdenvNoCC by default
  • templates: new fields added, .GitTreeState, .IsGitClean, .Format
  • jsonschema: we now validate our jsonschema every time it changes to make sure it is still valid
  • deprecations: we deprecated some options in the changelog and blobs sections. Details

As always, bug fixes, dependency updates, housekeeping, and documentation updates are included in this release as well.

Other news

  • GoReleaser now has ~12.6k stars and 370 contributors! Thanks, everyone!
  • We eventually discuss new features in our Discord server.  Join the conversation!
  • nFPM had new releases as well,  check it out.


You can install or upgrade using your favorite package manager, or see the full release notes and download the pre-compiled binaries here and here (for Pro).

Helping out

You can help by reporting issues, contributing features, documentation improvements, and bug fixes. You can also sponsor the project, or get a GoReleaser Pro licence.