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Announcing GoReleaser v1.9 — the 10k stars release

This release contains several minor improvements and a couple of new features! Let's have a look!

goreleaser changelog preview


  • goreleaser changelog was added to GoReleaser Pro — you can use it to preview your next release changelog
  • added more build options, enabling you to build test binaries #3064
  • added go_first_class target options for build #3062
  • new run script for CIs that don't have it natively #3075
  • make it easier to run GoReleaser against a SCM that is not GitHub, GitLab or Gitea #3088
  • allow to create meta archives #3093
  • the archive pipe no longer check links are valid, like tar #3103
  • a lot of bug fixes and docs improvements
  • we are also experimenting with new ways to share news with our users, the latest is our newsletter

You can see the full changelog here.

Other news

We hit 10k stars!

  • Still no community meeting, sorry 🫠. Link.
  • We hit 10k stars on our main repository!
  • GoReleaser now has ~10.1k stars and 277 contributors! Thanks, everyone!
  • Our Discord server is getting new members almost daily. Join and chat with us!