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Announcing GoReleaser v1 — the first v1 release

Hello everyone!

I've been holding on the "v1" release for, checks notes, years now. That's because I wanted v1 to have a "stable enough API", i.e. something unlikely to change.

A couple of months ago I realized that we'll probably never reach that, as things keep changing: we add more features, change old ones (sometimes on our own, sometimes due to changes on other tools), and so on. That way, v1 would never happen.

Therefore, after 467 releases, 3299 commits, and almost 5 years of hard work, I'm glad to announce that v1.0.0 is finally here!

It's happening!

This is a special release, as it marks GoReleaser departing from the school of ZeroVer, so I decided to write this quick bit compiling the most notable changes and some special thanks.

Most notable changes

If it feel like a regular GoReleaser v0.x release, it's because it is. The biggest change here is that we're leaving v0! 😅


And a big thank you to everyone that helps with code, issues, money, support and whatnot.

I really appreciate it! You all make OpenSource and Indie development a bit easier! 💙

Get it!

Without further ado, you can get it here: