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Travis CI

You may want to set up your project to auto-deploy your new tags on Travis, for example:

# .travis.yml
language: go

# needed only if you use the snap pipe:
    - snapcraft

# needed only if you use the Docker pipe
- docker

  - go test ./... # replace this with your test script
  - curl -sfL | bash -s -- check # check goreleaser config for deprecations

# Docker login is required if you want to push Docker images.
# DOCKER_PASSWORD should be a secret in your .travis.yml configuration.
- test -n "$TRAVIS_TAG" && docker login -u=myuser -p="$DOCKER_PASSWORD"
# snapcraft login is required if you want to push snapcraft packages to the
# store.
# You'll need to run `snapcraft export-login snap.login` and
# `travis encrypt-file snap.login --add` to add the key to the travis
# environment.
- test -n "$TRAVIS_TAG" && snapcraft login --with snap.login

# calls goreleaser
- provider: script
  skip_cleanup: true
  script: curl -sfL | bash
    tags: true
    condition: $TRAVIS_OS_NAME = linux

Note the last line (condition: $TRAVIS_OS_NAME = linux): it is important if you run a build matrix with multiple Go versions and/or multiple OSes. If that's the case you will want to make sure GoReleaser is run just once.