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Set up your machine

goreleaser is written in Go.


Other things you might need to run the tests:

Clone goreleaser anywhere:

git clone [email protected]:goreleaser/goreleaser.git

cd into the directory and install the dependencies:

task setup

A good way of making sure everything is all right is running the test suite:

task test

A note about Docker multi-arch builds

If you want to properly run the Docker tests, or run goreleaser release --snapshot locally, you might need to setup Docker for it. You can do so by running:

task docker:setup

Test your change

You can create a branch for your changes and try to build from the source as you go:

task build

When you are satisfied with the changes, we suggest you run:

task ci

Before you commit the changes, we also suggest you run:

task fmt

Create a commit

Commit messages should be well formatted, and to make that "standardized", we are using Conventional Commits.

You can follow the documentation on their website.

Submit a pull request

Push your branch to your goreleaser fork and open a pull request against the main branch.

Financial contributions

You can contribute in our OpenCollective or to any of the contributors directly. See this page for more details.