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For it to work, you'll need to create a personal token (<user>/admin/for-developers) and set the environment variable on your pipeline:


Then, you can add something like the following to your .goreleaser.yaml config:

# .goreleaser.yaml
    # Whether its enabled or not.
    # Defaults to false.
    enabled: true

    # Collective slug
    slug: 'goreleaser'

    # Title for the update
    # Defaults to `{{ .Tag }}`
    title_template: 'Release of {{ .Tag }}'

    # Message template to use while publishing. It can be HTML!
    # Defaults to `{{ .ProjectName }} {{ .Tag }} is out!<br/>Check it out at <a href="{{ .ReleaseURL }}">{{ .ReleaseURL }}</a>`
    message_template: 'Awesome project {{.Tag}} is out!'