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You can customize how the changelog is generated using the changelog section in the config file:

# .goreleaser.yml
  # Set this to true if you don't want any changelog at all.
  # Warning: this will also ignore any changelog files passed via `--release-notes`,
  # and will render an empty changelog.
  # This may result in an empty release notes on GitHub/GitLab/Gitea.
  skip: true

  # Changelog generation implementation to use.
  # Valid options are:
  # - `git`: uses `git log`;
  # - `github`: uses the compare GitHub API, appending the author login to the changelog.
  # - `gitlab`: uses the compare GitLab API, appending the author name and email to the changelog.
  # - `github-native`: uses the GitHub release notes generation API, disables the groups feature.
  # Defaults to `git`.
  use: github

  # Sorts the changelog by the commit's messages.
  # Could either be asc, desc or empty
  # Default is empty
  sort: asc

  # Group commits messages by given regex and title.
  # Order value defines the order of the groups.
  # Proving no regex means all commits will be grouped under the default group.
  # Groups are disabled when using github-native, as it already groups things by itself.
  # Default is no groups.
    - title: Features
      regexp: "^.*feat[(\\w)]*:+.*$"
      order: 0
    - title: 'Bug fixes'
      regexp: "^.*fix[(\\w)]*:+.*$"
      order: 1
    - title: Others
      order: 999

    # Commit messages matching the regexp listed here will be removed from
    # the changelog
    # Default is empty
      - '^docs:'
      - typo
      - (?i)foo


Note that using the github-native changelog does not support sort and filter.