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Since: v1.24 pro

GoReleaser Pro

The dmg feature is available only in GoReleaser Pro feature.

GoReleaser can create DMG images for macOS using mkisofs or hdiutil.

The dmg section specifies how the images should be created:

# .goreleaser.yaml
  - # ID of the resulting image.
    # Default: the project name
    id: foo

    # Filename of the image (without the extension).
    # Default: '{{.ProjectName}}_{{.Arch}}'
    # Templates: allowed
    name: "myproject-{{.Arch}}"

    # IDs of the archives to use.
    # Empty means all IDs.
      - foo
      - bar

    # GOAMD64 to specify which amd64 version to use if there are multiple
    # versions from the build section.
    # Default: v1
    goamd64: v1

    # More files that will be available in the context in which the image
    # will be built.
      - logo.ico

    # Whether to remove the archives from the artifact list.
    # If left as false, your end release will have both the archives and the
    # dmg files.
    replace: true

    # Set the modified timestamp on the output image, typically
    # you would do this to ensure a build was reproducible. Pass an
    # empty string to skip modifying the output.
    # Templates: allowed.
    mod_timestamp: "{{ .CommitTimestamp }}"


  1. Due to the way symbolic links are handled on Windows, the /Applications link inside the image might not work if the image was built on Windows.
  2. If running outside macOS, make sure to have mkisofs installed.


Learn more about the name template engine.