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With GoReleaser Pro you can easily create deb and yum repositories on


First, you need to create an account on and get a push token.

Then, you need to pass your account name to GoReleaser and have your push token as an environment variable named FURY_TOKEN:

# .goreleaser.yml
- account: myaccount

This will automatically upload all your deb and rpm files.


You can also have plenty of customization options:

# goreleaser.yml

    # account.
    # Config is skipped if empty
    account: my-account

    # Encironment variable name to get the push token from.
    # You might want to change it if you have multiple fury configurations for some reason.
    # Defaults to `FURY_TOKEN`.
    secret_name: MY_ACCOUNT_FURY_TOKEN

    # IDs to filter by.
    # Defaults to empty, which means all packages created by all nfpm configurations get uploaded.
      - packages

    # Formats to upload.
    # Available options are `deb` and `rpm`.
    # Defaults to `deb` and `rpm`.
      - deb


The fury publisher is a GoReleaser Pro feature. You might be able to reproduce some of its behavior on GoReleaser OSS using custom publishers.