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GoReleaser Pro

Includes is a GoReleaser Pro feature.

GoReleaser allows you to reuse configuration files by including them from either a URL or a file path.

Files are included recursively in the order they are declared.

# .goreleaser.yaml
  - from_file:
      path: ./config/goreleaser.yaml
  - from_url:
  - from_url:
      url: caarlos0/goreleaserfiles/main/packages.yml # the prefix may be omitted
  - from_url:
        # header values are expanded in case they are environment variables
        x-api-token: "${MYCOMPANY_TOKEN}"

With this and the power of templates, you might be able to reuse the same .goreleaser.yaml configuration file in many projects, or create one file for each "purpose" and compose them in the final project's .goreleaser.yaml.