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GoReleaser Pro

The monorepo support is a GoReleaser Pro feature.

If you want to use GoReleaser within a monorepo and use tag prefixes to mark "which tags belong to which sub project", GoReleaser has you covered.


You create your tags like subproject1/v1.2.3 and subproject2/v1.2.3.


You'll need to create a .goreleaser.yaml for each subproject you want to use GoReleaser in:

# subroj1/.goreleaser.yaml
project_name: subproj1

  tag_prefix: subproject1/
  dir: subproj1

Then, you can release with (from the project's root directory):

goreleaser release --rm-dist -f ./subproj1/.goreleaser.yaml

Then, the following is different from a "regular" run:

  • GoReleaser will then look if current commit has a tag prefixed with subproject1, and also the previous tag with the same prefix;
  • Changelog will include only commits that contain changes to files within the subproj1 directory;
  • Release name gets prefixed with {{ .ProjectName }} if empty;
  • All build's dir setting get set to monorepo.dir if empty;
  • if yours is not, you might want to change that manually;
  • Extra files on the release, archives, Docker builds, etc are prefixed with monorepo.dir;
  • On templates, {{.PrefixedTag}} will be monorepo.prefix/tag (aka the actual tag name), and {{.Tag}} has the prefix stripped;

The rest of the release process should work as usual.