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Verifiable Builds

GoReleaser has support for creating verifiable builds. A verifiable build is one that records enough information to be precise about exactly how to repeat it. All dependencies are loaded via, and verified against the checksum database A GoReleaser-created verifiable build will include module information in the resulting binary, which can be printed using go version -m mybinary.

Configuration options available are described below.

# goreleaser.yaml

  # Proxy a module from, making the builds verifiable.
  # This will only be effective if running against a tag. Snapshots will ignore
  # this setting.
  # Notice: for this to work your `build.main` must be a package, not a `.go` file.
  proxy: true

  # If proxy is true, use these environment variables when running `go mod`
  # commands (namely, `go mod tidy`).
  # Default: `os.Environ()` merged with what you set the root `env` section.
    - GOPROXY=,direct

  # Sets the `-mod` flag value.
  # Since: v1.7
  mod: mod

  # Which Go binary to use.
  # Default: `go`.
  gobinary: go1.17


You can use debug.ReadBuildInfo() to get the version/checksum/dependencies of the module.


VCS Info will not be embedded in the binary, as in practice it is not being built from the source, but from the Go Mod Proxy.