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Archive has different count of binaries for each platform

This error looks like this:

 release failed after 5s                  error=invalid archive: 0:archive has different count of binaries for each platform, which may cause your users confusion.
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This will happen when you have several builds, and their target platforms are different:

- id: b1
  binary: b1
  goos: [linux, darwin]
- id: b2
  binary: b2
  goos: [darwin]

- id: a1

In this scenario, GoReleaser will complain because the archive will have a different binary count depending on which platform its being archived, since it'll have 2 binaries on darwin and only 1 on linux.

From here on, you have a couple of options:

  • add another archive, and filter the builds on each of them - e.g. archive a1 with binaries from build b1, and archive a2 with builds from build b2:
    - id: a1
      builds: [b1]
      name_template: something-unique-for-a1
    - id: a2
      builds: [b2]
      name_template: something-unique-for-a2
  • if you really want to have the mixed archive, you can add allow_different_binary_count to your archive configuration:
    - id: a1
      allow_different_binary_count: true