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Multiple tokens found, but only one is allowed

GoReleaser infers if you are using GitHub, GitLab or Gitea by which tokens are provided. If you have multiple tokens set, you'll get this error.

Here's an example:

    release failed after 0.02s error=gmultiple tokens found, but only one is allowed: GITHUB_TOKEN, GITLAB_TOKEN

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In this case, you either unset GITHUB_TOKEN or GITLAB_TOKEN. You can read more about it in the SCM docs.

This can also happen if you load the tokens from files. The default paths are:

  • ~/.config/goreleaser/github_token
  • ~/.config/goreleaser/gitlab_token
  • ~/.config/goreleaser/gitea_token

If you have more than one of these files, but for a particular project, you want to force one of them, you can explicitly disable the others by setting them to a file you know won't exist:

# .goreleaser.yaml
  gitlab_token: ~/nope
  gitea_token: ~/nope

This will prevent using both GitLab and Gitea tokens.