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Scoop requires single a windows archive

The Scoop pipe requires a Windows build and archive.

Usually, if you see this error, one of these 2 things probably happened:

1. Using binary archive format

The archive should not be in binary format.

For instance, this won't work:

- format: binary

But this would:

- format: zip

2. Multiple archives for the same GOOS/GOARCH

If you build multiple binaries and ship them in multiple archives, for example, one for the client and another one for the server of a given project, you will need to have multiple scoops in your configuration as well.

Scoops only allow to install a single archive per manifest, so we need to do something like this:

- ids: [ client ]
  name: foo
  # ...
- ids: [ server ]
  name: food
  # ...


Also notice the goamd64 options, it must match the one from your build. By default, only GOAMD64 v1 is built.

Please refer to the documentation for more details.