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GoReleaser Pro

GoReleaser Pro is a paid, closed-source GoReleaser distribution with some additional features:

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Road map

We don't have a properly organized public road map (yet), but these are some of the things we plan to work on, in one form or another:

  • --dry-run to test the release locally, possibly skipping the actual build of the binaries to focus on faster iteration of the other parts;

That said, your input is always welcome! Once you buy it, feel free to email me with your suggestions and ideas.

Pricing & Sponsors

  • The current pricing is low and is likely to increase as we keep adding more pro-only features;
  • If you sponsor either the project or any of its developers, you can ask for a discount!

Enterprise support

I don't have a plan for that yet, but please email me if you are interested.

Using GoReleaser Pro

Once you buy it, you'll get a license key. You can then pass it to the release command either via the --key flag or the GORELEASER_KEY environment variable.

If you use the GitHub action, you will want to set the distribution option to goreleaser-pro. Check the documentation for more details.


Please, make sure you read and agree with our EULA.

✨✨ Thanks for your support! ✨✨