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API Token

GoReleaser requires an API token with the repo scope selected to deploy the artifacts to GitHub. You can create one here.

This token should be added to the environment variables as GITHUB_TOKEN.

Alternatively, you can provide the GitHub token in a file. GoReleaser will check ~/.config/goreleaser/github_token by default, but you can change that in the .goreleaser.yml file:

# .goreleaser.yml
  github_token: ~/.path/to/my/github_token

GitHub Enterprise

You can use GoReleaser with GitHub Enterprise by providing its URLs in the .goreleaser.yml configuration file. This takes a normal string or a template value.

# .goreleaser.yml
  # set to true if you use a self-signed certificate
  skip_tls_verify: false

If none are set, they default to GitHub's public URLs.

Example release

Here's an example of how the release might look like:

Example release on GitHub.