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Do you or your company use GoReleaser? You can help keep the project bug-free and feature rich by sponsoring the project and its maintainers.

GitHub Sponsors

GitHub Sponsors is a great way to contribute directly to the GoReleaser maintainer, caarlos0.

This money usually goes to buying coffee, beer, better hardware, and, hopefully, one day, paying the bills.

High-tier sponsors:

Add yourself or your company to the list

You can sponsor and see who's sponsoring Carlos here.

And, of course, you can also sponsor any of contributors in whatever way they prefer it!


OpenCollective is a great way to send some money towards the GoReleaser organization.

This ultimately is used to buy/renew domains, keep servers up, print and send stickers to contributors and users, among other things.

You can start sponsoring at the OpenCollective website.

Below you can see a list of the current sponsors and backers on OpenCollective:

✨✨ Thanks for your support! ✨✨