Release Go projects as fast and easily as possible!

GoReleaser is an open-source tool that simplifies the process of releasing your Go projects to multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent and reliable deployment experience.

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Streamline your releases

GoReleaser takes the hassle out of releasing your Go projects, allowing you to focus on building great software.

GoReleaser running against an example project.
  • Cross-platform

    Build and release your Go projects for and from multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • Distribution & Security

    Make your software easy to install and run with Homebrew, Nix, Linux packages, DMGs, MSIs, Docker images, Archives, Snaps, and more. Create SBOMs, sign, and notarize your software.

  • Releases & Announcements

    Release to GitHub, Gitlab, or Gitea, with automatically generated changelogs. Announce to X, Slack, Discord, and others.

Releases for everyone

GoReleaser is used by industry-leading companies and open source organizations including Google, GitHub, Amazon, Grafana, Microsoft, Hashicorp, Charm, Shopify, Sigstore, Datadog, NATS, NGinx, Uber, and more.