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Building in a private monorepo, publishing in to a public repository

One fairly common usecase is on open-core projects is to have the code in a private monorepo, but publish its binaries to a public repository.

This cookbook gives some suggestions on how to handle that.

GoReleaser Pro

This cookbook uses GoReleaser Pro.

Usually, you'll rely on tag prefixes for each sub-project within your monorepo. GoReleaser can handle that within its monorepo configuration:

  tag_prefix: app1/
  dir: ./app1/

With that you can already push a tag app1/v1.0.0, for example, and GoReleaser should gracefully handling everything.

But, if you want the release to happen in another repository, you'll also need to add some release settings:

    owner: myorg
    name: myrepo

When you release now, it'll create the app1/v1.0.0 tag and respective release in myorg/myrepo.

Removing the myapp/ prefix

Maybe you'll create one public repository to release each of the projects in your monorepo. In that case, the tag prefix on the public repository makes no sense.

You can remove it by setting the release.tag field:

  tag: '{{ .Tag }}'
    owner: myorg
    name: app1


On GoReleaser Pro, {{.Tag}} is the tag without the prefix, and the prefixed tag can be accessed with {{.PrefixedTag}}. Check the documentation for more information.

Learning more

Make sure to take a look at the following documentation pages: