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goreleaser announce

Announces a previously prepared release


If you have a previously prepared release with goreleaser release --prepare or goreleaser release --split and published it with goreleaser publish, you can use this command to announce it.

The idea is to prepare a release without publishing anything, assert the artifacts are correct (either automatically or not), publish it, and then, finally, announce it to your users.

Environment variables will be re-evaluated here, so make sure they are available to the announce command as well.

GoReleaser Pro

This subcommand is a GoReleaser Pro feature.

goreleaser announce [flags]


  -d, --dist string        dist folder to continue (default "./dist")
  -h, --help               help for announce
  -k, --key string         GoReleaser Pro license key [$GORELEASER_KEY]
      --merge              Merges multiple parts of a --split release
  -p, --parallelism int    Amount tasks to run concurrently (default: number of CPUs)
      --skip strings       Skip the given options (valid options are: after)
      --timeout duration   Timeout to the entire announce process (default 30m0s)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --debug     Enable verbose mode (deprecated)
      --verbose   Enable verbose mode

See also

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